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graphite rotor

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Best raw material: Special graphite with high strength, high hardness, good heat-resistance, low porosity, anti-abrasion and anti-scour

Precision machining: Machining process strictly conforms to customers' drawings. After machining, different parts match perfectly with high concentricity, which avoid damage caused by mechanical stress to the graphite rotor



Special Treatment

Impregnation Anti-oxidation Treatment : To extend service life of graphite rotor , xintai carbon proprietary technology and nanometer anti-oxidant are applied to fill pores of graphite material and cover surface of graphite rotor, which improves properties of heat-resistance, anti- oxidation and anti-scour.



Coating anti-oxidation treatment: Xintai carbon proprietary coating material is applied to already impregnated anti-oxidation graphite rotor.The coating material is non-infiltrated with aluminum , but well adhered to graphite material. because the coating material is heatresisting, anti-oxidation, anti-corrosion and anti-scouring the graphite rotor after further coating treatment has much longer lifespan.



Partial strengthening method: According to end-users' application situation, we are capable to strengthen the most easily consumed part to get the longest service life for graphite rotor with lowest cost.

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