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Flexible graphite sheet

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  • MaterialGraphite
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Flexible graphite materials,Graphite through chemical processing and the high temperature expansion and rolled,has high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, irradiation resistance,creep relaxation rate is low, great flexible performance characteristics.It is basic material of manufacturing all kinds of graphite composite board, graphite strip , brasque and sealing gaskets etc.Used  temperature at - 200-650 ℃ (in air), 200-3000 ℃ (in the non-oxidation medium).


The flexible graphite products have very good sealability, rebound degree between 20 - 30%, compressibility between 25 - 31%, no softening point, and melting point at 3790. Very low coefficient of friction 0.08 - 0.12, acid-proof and alkali corrosion so can satisfy the various requirements of the mechanical seal.


The products of this category include flexible graphite board, flexible graphite sealing ring, flexible graphite packing set, flexible graphite corrugated ribbon, etc.

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